Strings & Stories

… A lively and entertaining mix of music, theater and storytelling

Linda Rosenthal, violinist
Bill Blush, actor and storyteller

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stringsandstorieslogoStrings & Stories is a two-person show that combines music and theater in a delightful kaleidoscope of favorite children’s stories, classical music, whimsical mime, and improvisation. It is fast-paced, interactive, educational and fun for audiences of every age.

Linda created and premiered Strings & Stories for the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. in 1995. Since its debut performance, she and Los Angeles actor Bill Blush have performed Strings & Stories for thousands of children in schools, libraries and theaters throughout the United States under the auspices of the Piatigorsky Foundation.

School shows, designed for grades K-5, feature The Emperor’s New Clothes, The Story of Ferdinand and other favorite classic tales. Family programs include classic tales plus familiar children’s poems and limericks set to music. A program designed especially for adult audiences features traditional classics for the violin as well as dramatic monologues and comedic sketches. (See programs for more information.)

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Comments from presenters and teachers:

  • An extraordinary success!
  • The highlight of the year for our students.
  • I have had many phone calls from teachers expressing how dynamic and thrilling you were for their students. The teachers’ guides received beforehand were especially helpful and appreciated. Once again, thank you for presenting such an exceptional program to the students. You made a big impact (on the children).
  • This duo is providing a very important reminder to us all that good literature enriches our lives when we participate in it and that music adds color to a black and white world when we play it… an otherwise typical Sunday night was turned into an event rich in community and culture.