American Violin Sonatas audio CD by Violinist Linda Rosenthal Amazon

American Violin Sonatas

Title : American Violin Sonatas
Release Date : December 5, 1993
Format : CD

“Linda Rosenthal and Lisa Bergman play beautifully . . . This recording gave me great pleasure from beginning to end, and should be of interest to all lovers of 20th century chamber music.”
Mark L. Lehman, American Record Guide




Quincy Porter
Sonata No. 2 for Violin and Piano
1. Allegro
2. Andante
3. Allegro con fuoco

Walter Piston
Sonata for Violin and Piano
4. Moderato
5. Andante quasi Adagio
6. Allegro

Aaron Copland
Sonata for Violin and Piano
7. Andante Semplice
8. Lento
9. Allegretto Giusto